How to choose air conditioner?

how to choose good air conditionerNormally, nowadays there is huge range of air conditioner with many brands. Before choose air-conditioner, i think we should focus on some important points which will be useful .

Choosing air conditioner – 10 steps

First of all buy air conditioner according to the room size and Second point it should be Full DC inverter type.  

Third point is about energy label.  More + more savings on energy. Some companies mention A+++ but when you check about  according to the country from the energy label then you will find out that for Norway, Finland they mentioned  A+++  for cooling and for Spain, Portugal if you will check it will be not same.

Fourth point is if your installer is experienced enough to install air-conditioner ( it matters a lot). Because if he will use more bends in the installation copper pipe then performance will be lower.

Fifth point indoor noise level.

Sixth point if it has ability to work at your country’s temperature.

Seventh point if you are from Norway, Finland then it should have 8oC heating mode. This function will turn on automatically .

Eighth point is if you are going to use air conditioner as commercial use let’s say Dance Clubs or Computer rooms then please check if these air conditioners are able to use on -20 oC temperature for cooling .

Nineth point is about Refrigerant if its according to Country’s regulation.

10th point is if outdoor unit has good quality paint, it will not damage as outdoor atmosphere.


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