Blaupunkt wall-mounted air conditioner
Blaupunkt wall-mounted air conditioner


Nitro Smart is reliable 4 in 1 ( Cooling, Heating, Ventilation and Dehumidification) wall-mounted air conditioner. IT provides maximum comfort even in ambient temperature from -15? to 50? with less power consumption. It’s the perfect Climate solution for living rooms, offices and public places. In addition, it has a lot of practical features like: IFEEL, Turbo mode, 8? Heating mode, Sleep mode, Timer, Self-Cleaning, Auto-restart and Self-diagnosis. It is easy to install, works quietly and comes with user-friendly Remote Control. It belongs to the High ranking EU Energy Class, A++. Nitro Smart Series has 3 different capacities 9000BTU, 12000BTU, 18000BTU.

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