Permanent power plug converter – EU to UK 13A

Plug converter EU to UK is British Standard approved adapter. It is useful for importers who are importing electronic products with European (Round with earthing) Power Plug. It is also useful if a person wants to use an European electronic product in United Kingdom Permanently. Its 100% safe to use.
British standards approved.

Specifications :

Model number : OMTA-EU13-UK3KW-BSA
Power: 220~240VAC, 50Hz
Maximum Current : 13 Amp
Maximum  Load    : 3000 Watt
Input Plug type : European standard type E plug
Output Plug type : UK Standard Type G 3 pin plug
Safety : Inbuilt Fuse 13 Amp
Certification : British standards approved, CE, RohS
EAN Code : 8944721008339

Note: Product pictures are for reference only, color may be different but specification will remain the same.This adapter does not convert voltage or current.