Universal travel adapter for EU

Compatible input plugs:

UK/Asia/Australia (universal socket) to EU adapter is useful device for a person who is going to travel to the Europe or who has some electronic equipment with different type of power plug under power rating 220~240VAC, 50Hz but He/She wants to use in the Europe.

Specifications :

Model number : OMTA-UN10-EU1KW
Power : 220~240VAC, 50Hz
Maximum Current : 10 Amp
Maximum  Load    : 1000 Watt
Input Plug type : UK, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Australia,
Output Plug type : EU (Schuko) Standard with earthing
Certification : CE, RohS
EAN Code : 8944721008346

Note: Product pictures are for reference only, color may be different but specification will remain the same.This adapter does not convert voltage or current.